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Monday, December 25, 2023

Wendy Shay - Bleeding

 Ghanaian award winning female musician, Wendy Shay drops this brand new single dubbed “Bleeding” to all the fans out there. Stream and download this mp3 song below

Exploring the Lyrics: The lyrics of “Bleeding” are a poetic reflection on the nuances of love, expressing the singer’s vulnerability and regret over past decisions. The opening lines, “Sometimes I wish I knew better, that love can be sweet bitter,” set the tone for a narrative that embraces both the joy and pain inherent in romantic relationships.

Wendy Shay acknowledges her past ignorance, admitting, “All the time that you showed me love, I didn’t have a clue.” This self-awareness becomes a central theme in the song, as the artist grapples with the consequences of not fully appreciating the love she once had. The regret is palpable in lines like, “I should have killed my demons, I should have killed my pride,” suggesting a recognition of personal shortcomings that contributed to the downfall of the relationship.

The Influence of Friends: A poignant aspect of the song emerges as Wendy Shay reflects on the impact of external influences, singing, “I never had to listen to my friends, look at the end of me now.” This lyrical choice emphasizes the common struggle many face when navigating relationships, torn between personal intuition and the opinions of others. The narrative reveals the consequences of not trusting one’s own judgment and succumbing to the pressures of external influences.

The Pain of Loss: The chorus, “Now I’m bleeding to see you there, oh baby, now I’m bleeding to see you there,” serves as a powerful refrain that encapsulates the emotional turmoil experienced after the loss of a significant relationship. The metaphor of “bleeding” conveys the depth of the emotional wounds, highlighting the enduring pain of separation.

Musical Accompaniment: Beyond the poignant lyrics, the musical composition of “Bleeding” complements the emotional gravity of the song. The arrangement, coupled with Wendy Shay’s emotive delivery, creates an atmosphere that resonates with listeners on a visceral level. The use of melodic instrumentation and subtle harmonies enhances the overall impact, making the song a compelling auditory experience.

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